Woman stunned as dolphin leaps out of water and does something totally unexpected

WE’VE all spent time with someone who we just desperately wish would stop staring at their phone or tablet.

Well it seems like it isn’t just us humans who take exception to being ignored.


In amusing footage – shot during a trip to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida – a woman stands amongst a crowd of sea life lovers watching a pool of dolphins splash around.

But – unlike her fellow tourists – she isn’t paying much attention to the beautiful creatures as she fiddles around on her iPad.

The cheeky dolphin wasn’t having any of that and made his presence known by leaping out of the water and snatching it out of her hands.


TASTY TABLET: Cheeky dolphin pinches the onlooking woman’s iPad from the crowd

It then pulled it back down into the pool – drenching the expensive tablet – as the woman and crowd let out screams of: “Oh my God.”For a second it looks like all is lost as the device begins to sink beneath the surface.Luckily the blonde lass is quick on her feet and plunges her hand into the water to fish out her beloved iPad.

Bystanders laughed at the scene but we’re not too sure that she found it so funny.

The clip has gone viral online receiving almost one million views in only a couple of days.

And viewers found the clip hilarious.

One YouTube user wrote: “He wanted to see all the nude selfies.”

SAVED: The poor woman fishes in the pool for her tablet

SAVED: The poor woman fishes in the pool for her tablet

Another commented: “He’s trying to stop her depending on material goods. Truly a wise dolphin.”

And a third added: “That’s what you get for supporting the exploitation of animals.”

She’s not the only one to have a run in with a dolphin.