FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE, Incredible moment wildebeest reveals his fighting spirit by escaping the snapping jaws of a hungry crocodile

The lucky wildebeest escaped with just a small wound to its back


THIS is the incredible moment the will to survive overpowered the jaws of death when one lucky wildebeest escaped a hungry crocodile with nothing but a flesh wound.

The mighty battle began as a herd of wildebeest were crossing Mara River in Kenya hoping to avoid falling prey to predators lurking beneath the water’s surface.

But one of the horned antelopes was caught in the jaws of a crocodile just yards from the safety of the river bank.

Fighting for his life, the wildebeest bravely refused to give in to the crocodile’s attempts to drag him underwater – standing firm and avoiding being drowned.

The battle for survival, which lasted for around five minutes, was captured on camera by Jun Zuo, from Olathe in Kansas, USA.

He said: “The only way the crocodile could get the wildebeest was by dragging him into the river and drowning him to death.

“It was a deadly stalemate. The crocodile could not hold on because the wildebeest was firmly standing on the riverbed and slowly moved forward to the river shore.

“Finally the crocodile gave up and released his prey, and the wildebeest escaped with a wound.”